Corporate Sponsorship Program

About This Program

Each year MVMA Charities provides tens of thousands of dollars to fund emergency veterinary care for stray animals picked up by municipal animal control officers. All towns are eligible for this assistance so animals that may otherwise be euthanized are given a second chance and your veterinary practice partners may gain a new client for life!

Over the years we have also funded various emergency and disaster initiatives including supporting PAWSitive Pantry, which distributes food to hungry pets, and the efforts of the State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team (SMART), which responds to animals in disasters. We have helped bring Basic Animal Rescue Training (BART) to Massachusetts to train first responders in life-saving pet first aid and have recently recommitted to providing Pet Oxygen Mask Kits to fire stations across the state so first responders are equipped to save pets in fires.

The MVMA Charities relies on generous supporters to deliver its mission to save the lives of at-risk animals across Massachusetts. We invite you to participate in our annual corporate sponsorship program, a chance to highlight your organization in our community while sustaining our programs.

We’re offering three sponsorship levels that provide visibility for you and your company on our website, social media, and in-person events. Be recognized as a leader within our network of veterinarians and pet owners and show your commitment to saving the lives of Massachusetts animals in need. $1,000 buys an estimated 16,000 meals, $3,000 equips 24 fire stations with a pet oxygen mask kit, and $5,000 funds emergency care of 12 stray animals. Will you join our cause today to make a difference for pets throughout the year?

Our Sponsors

MVMA Charities has a deep appreciation for our sponsors. We value their support and commitment to helping us build better lives for animals in need.

Gold Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

How we use sponsorship dollars for good:

$1,000 buys an estimated 16,000 meals for hungry pets.
By financially supporting the work of PAWSitive Pantry, we have helped local organizations purchase and distribute food to pantries across the state. Food is collected or purchased at a steep discount and is distributed where it’s needed most.

Rescue masks

$3,000 equips 24 fire stations with a pet oxygen mask kit.
Recently we learned of a house fire in Sterling, MA. Responding firefighters used a pet oxygen mask kit to save the lives of two cats. Fires can be devastating and destructive. Property can be replaced but pets cannot. These kits protect beloved furry family members.


$5,000 funds emergency care of 12 stray animals.
Take Darla. She was found by West Springfield, MA Animal Control horribly emaciated and with ear and skin infections. Our Stray Animal Program funded her emergency veterinary care and following her treatment she gained weight and was adopted into a forever home! Oftentimes, municipal animal control officers with limited budgets must make quick, life-and-death decisions about animals they encounter. Knowing they have access to our fund allows them to save more animals like Darla.

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